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Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo: Makiko S | Blog | Sedunia Travel

In conjunction with the Asian Women Empowerment 2013 (also known as #aweasia13), the Why Every Woman Should Travel blog series is done by Sedunia Travel. The blog series features amazing women who are living their dream - independent lifestyle. Almost all key speakers of this exciting event have had experience in solo traveling (just like me). I am actually honoured to be 'slotted' in this blog series alongside with these amazing ladies. To read more on my story, check out >> Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo: Makiko S | Blog | Sedunia Travel

One of the biggest advantage of traveling solo is the freedom to meet and start new friendship many other fellow travelers. I have met so many awesome traveler friends along the many solo journeys I have taken. Prior to my decision on going out to solo traveling, I have gone to numerous holidays - as a tourist. During those fine times, I have seen more people come and go as I roam around places, but never I get the chance to actually make friends that I could keep in touch. I supposed going for a fancy holiday provides little room for me to reach out to the people, mainly because the focus had always been rest and relax - rather than mix and interact.

As a traveler, catching up with fellow traveler friends means bumping into each other along the road as well. Although I know few travelers who are based in the same city as mine, often we will end up meeting at a random destination. I must say, with the help with the technology, it is easier to track fellow travelers and allow me to have a 30 minute coffee chat in Hanoi with them.

For the next couple of weeks, I won't have to travel outside the my home city because the awesome women travelers will be flying into Malaysia for #aweasia13. It will be an exciting gathering and I really hope that I could strike more new friendships during that event.

If you all are wondering why am I so excited about AWE Asia '13, check out the stories on the 'sure-come' speakers >> Do I need more reasons than these?

Lois Yasay
Anis Ibrahim
Nila Tanzil

So, if you are free from 8-10 November 2013 and happened to be in Kuala Lumpur, why not join us. Click on the link to the AWE conference (above) to register.

"It's never too late or too old to learn something.." 

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wow.. i love ur blog. so many info

Thanks CPTatie. Glad it's helping you somehow. Please come back again for more travel info and stories.

Thanks for sharing.

I just finished reading your informative blog. I admired you a lot for being a solo traveler. In my case, I cannot travel without my anti jet lag buddy, jetLAGFX and my friends. Looking forward to read more of your blogs.

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