Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Dream Love Story

This morning I wake up and look straight up to the sky. It was a bright, sunny, clear blue sky. I felt so blessed. Then, I stand up – another day is about to start.

Each day the first thing I do is to put a smile on my face. It is the natural reflection of so much hope and love within me, which are meant to be shared. It is more than a blessing to have had the chance to share my love with people surrounding me, mama, papa, brothers, sisters, cousins, families, friends and who ever who came across my path.

After the last relationship, every day, for six years, I have not lost my hope – that one day I will find my so-called “prince charming”, my soul mate, my other half, MY LOVE. It is the dream which I live in reality.

God is the ultimate creator of life. Although I still walk my days alone, someday He will bring that ONE for me to experience the greatest gift of life – to love and be loved.

Some have said to me that I am too choosy. Well, I have good reasons for being one. It is my dream love – which I think belongs to me, unconditionally.

I hope for a man, who speaks softly and gracefully in front of me – reflecting the amount of respect any lady could have received. I hope for a man, who admires my beauty – reflecting the level of acceptance any lady could have embraced. I hope for a man, who stands up for me – reflecting the scale of courage any lady could have had.

Like a deep red coloured rose bud, the gentle and warmth of the sun will determine the soon change the feature of the rose bud. An ideal relationship is as such when the SUN and ROSE naturally work together, displaying the magnificent colour and shape of a full blossomed flower under the smartly lit surrounds light and temperature.

I dream for a love that is strong – built over trust and faith of two individuals.
I dream for a love that is wholesome – mixture of two arrays of strengths and weaknesses.
I dream for a love that is complete – pieces of puzzles that complements a picture in the making.

It will always be about personality and efforts of two souls, which can endure every challenges life could have ever spared for you. I wish that one day, the man who I hope for and the love that I dream of will forever make me smile, even when the morning sky is not blue.

This is my dream “Love Story”.


I am still waiting for my own dream love story. Nevertheless, I have a few special person in family who have already found their dream love stories. I can hear wedding bells within the next 12 months, so I hope if this piece is chosen as a winner – I could share this with them.

A token of appreciation to CST production & Linda Rahim Kuala Lumpur for giving the opportunity for me to share my story

CST Production

Linda Rahim Kuala Lumpur

What Say You?


Love is complex and utopian. But,there is omeone waiting for you Imma sure. Pray thay you find the love of ur life.
With love

we all hope for the best for love, so wish u all the best! ;))

u will find your true love dear. insyallah. good luck :D

it's true indeed..
tak salah berdoa utk yg terbaik utk diri kite..
i hope you will meet your true love soon..

gud luck..=)
do visit mine..


Jangan lupa klik like kat new entry I tau..=))

i've been waiting for more or less 5 years or so. i guess i've been saying the same prayer as yours. and yes, they call picky as well but i think we deserve to get the right one. aren't we?

all the best wishes =))

heyya sis!

good luck too:)

already vote for you..

hey, voted for you. thanks for reading mine.

thanks dear vote for me...=)
here i come to vote ur story...nice word dear...

never lose hope dear..
i am praying for you..
to find your "prince charming" someday..
and i already click the vote button !!! (",)

thx for reading mine...i voted urs already...when the voting system is up,i started to vote for ALL..haha..
btw,urs is DIFFERENT..totally different from you describe ur dreams love is different..^^

i hope you found your soulmate since you wrote this entry dear :)

i just came out of a relationship, i understand how you feel

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