Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why two is better than one?

God has made us in pairs; for all the reasons.
When I wake up everyday, my day starts with a dash of smile - hoping it will make my day, or am I going crazy? If only there is someone who can smile back at me and say, "Your beautiful smile starts my day!" 

When I cook something, I know that my body is well taken care off. If only there is someone who eats together and say, "I'm thankful to be served with a lovely meal!"

When I work hard, I want to make sure that reward is worth all the effort given. If only there is someone who adds value to the achievement and say, "Well done, I am happy for you too!"

When I fell sick, my heart needs to recover first before my body does. If only there is someone who can aid the heart pain and say, "Don't worry, I will be there to give you comfort!"

When I look into the mirror and see the missing half of me, I say, "if only there is someone to complete me!"

What Say You?


interesting, for sure there is always semeone who cares about you...may be haven't found yet? hehe

I'm blessed with other people around me, however this is an expression in words about being single.

sometimes we forgot the other half of us by not appreciating them..

this reminds us....tat we need sum1 in our life. we tend to appreciate lot more when we feel the emptiness in us. good stuff u shared

Reminds us to love the people around us...even when we're singles :) Ppl like our family members, whom we rarely give such encouragement & makes the person's day SO different :)

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