Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan

Time flies so fast. Last year, I was in WAR. I had to take charge at home – my parents were abroad. My youngest sister was also busy with her final year in high school. Technically all five of us had to take care of each other. Fasting month (and Eid-Fitr) is family time, at least for my family. Even when I was studying in Sabah a few years back, I’d arrange my flight a few days before Eid-Fitr celebration – so I could be with my family in the last leg of the fasting month.

Last year, for the first time after 27 years my parents had to be away from the children. The mood was sad. I could still remember the faces of my younger brothers and sisters. We definitely missed the presence of mama and papa.

Fasting month has always been an exciting period for all of us. My siblings and I learned how to make yummy food and cookies when we were small, because we were all allowed to help mama cooked. My siblings and I learned fashion and style from papa every time he bought us clothes for ‘Hari Raya’.
Even after 26 years, we still follow the same routine. Until last year, when both of them were not around – the routine somehow was continued but it felt incomplete.

Today, I was not around to break-fast at home. I was at work.  Nevertheless, it felt different. I knew that everyone is back at home. It’s time to continue the family tradition, with everyone participating.

PS. To all Muslim readers, may this year’s Ramadhan brings more blessing and wonderful experience. It’s the time to reflect ourselves. 

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