Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travel Tips - Beginner

The internet connection here is not so good, so I am not able to load new pictures and publish entries on my travel.

As I have already promised myself to post something regularly while I am on the move, so I guess it would be nice to share with fellow readers a few short entries.

Since the mood now is travelling (...and I do love travel so much), let's try sharing some information or tips on travel. Although this is my first time travelling solo, the regime for travel preparation is not something new. Here are the basic list of to-do if you are planning for any travel:-

  • Make sure the destination is correct and do some homework of the place you are going;
  • Properly plan the mode of transportation you are going to take (it's important to have a confirmed transportation ticket);
  • Prepare your items to bring list (start with something basic like toiletries, # of shirts/pants, travel adapter, etc. before you further expand the list);
  • Check your financials and learn about managing your cash/expenses while travelling - not knowing how to dispense cash while you travel may trouble your itinerary;
  • Complete all required documentations such as visa, valid passport, ticket, hotel booking slip, etc.;
  • Make sure to take any mandated vaccination or/and medication...and keep yourself as healthy & fit as possible
I am hoping to be able to publish something about my experience in Siem Reap soon for everyone's reading. Thank you for following this journey of mine.

PS. Have not found any potential candidate, but I will not feel distracted by this. Surely there will be many prospects as I move forward to my next destination.

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