Monday, October 3, 2011

Personal recollection post-operation & recovery

It was more than two months before I gained my confidence over the use of my right leg - feet, to be precise. In my entry “19 June 2011 – 10 meter fall survived”, I have detailed out the whole ordeal - which I had to endure during that day.

Since then, I was almost bed ridden for a few weeks followed by house confinement for another 2 months. Recovery was difficult, physically. Although many have shown sympathy over my condition, most of them express shock when they found out about the whole unfortunate incident.

I now understand the power of strong will and mind-set, extremely well. Often people showed sadness or disappointment or worse, pity when they were addressing me in person. Should I allow myself to be affected by those ‘negative’ emotions, perhaps I have turned myself to depression.
Instead, positive attitudes kept me going strong. Thanks to the abundance of information (i.e. stories heard and read) as well as supportive family and friends, there was not a single second in my heart or mind that made me feel in distress.

When I found out that both fibula and tibia bones of my right leg were fractured and are now aided with a metal plate plus numerous screws, I soon realized that it would be a long time before I can enjoy horse riding, traveling and high heels. Nonetheless, it is due to all these things that I love so much those have accelerated the will power inside me to keep on pushing myself to a wholesome recovery, hopefully.

Soon after I got back home from hospital, I had forced myself to restrain from doing anything. For more than two months my playground was home. Aside from daily visit to hospital for physiotherapy sessions, I did not go elsewhere. Whenever I was home, I keep on doing the recommended exercises and minimize movement around. These alone had helped tremendously on the recovery process.

In addition to this, I have an extremely good support system. Be nice to your siblings! For your information, my younger sister nursed me. She was there almost 24/7 from the day I reached home. Of course the other siblings were also present during the whole recovery stint offering hands and helps whenever required. When all of them went for short holiday (which I had to miss out), two of my cousins came to accompany me at home. In the end, even without the elders all of us managed to go through the two and half months comfortably.

Though physically the elders were not around, they still had given moral and emotional support respectively. Regular phone calls and occasional visits cheered me up.

All of the above are just my personal thoughts and feelings over the duration of recovery I had at home. I have yet fully recovered from the injury. However, there is no need for me to worry much. I learned about perseverance and keeping a positive attitude – these are the best medicine.
Below are some of the pictures during my recovery process:

In the end, I get additional 'hands' and of course the day I met with Kim Hyun Joong, a treat for being good during recovery.

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