Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome to Bangkok & superb HRC nite

The last time I was in Bangkok, I was brought by the flow of sea - amazing cruise ship. This is my first time in Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The spacious airport welcomed both me and my friend nicely. After a short stroll in the shopping area, we queued up for immigration. The lines were long, but the excitement for being in Thailand with my best friend had shorten the wait.

Originally I wanted to propose to my friend for us to use Bangkok Metro to get us from the airport to town. However, considering this would be her first time abroad (after so long) and in a country which English is not the first language, we opted for a taxi to carry us to hotel.

Baan Silom - one of many famous recommended areas for travelers to stay while in Bangkok.

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thx lawat blog i. btw i suka blog u.cause u using bahasa inggeris yg mudah faham n i boleh improve kot BI i.tq

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