Monday, May 21, 2012

Yosuke Saigo (西郷葉介) - rising star of Japanese music

It is no question about me loving Japan (and everything about it). My love for Japan music and entertainment industry has been too intense ever since I was in high school. Although K-Pop invasion in the past few years has affected my personal interest, I must say it is a hard act to make me let go my first love.

Having said so, I got one of the most memorable present for my birthday while I was in Japan - I fell in love once more. This time, after so long, I became addicted to a rising and talented singer - or should I say, performer. That short moment was somehow like those we see in drama or movie - I was getting a nervous attack trying to figure out how to survive the big city when I was charmed by the beautiful music heard. I follow the sound and immediately fell in love with the music that guy was performing. 

Enough with my melodramatic story. I am here to actually share some information about this rising star. The first time I saw him, there is this image of an average cute young guy wearing casual shirt and pants, passionately playing his keyboard while singing in the public. On the floor, sat a super cute squirrel-bunny holding a small box - so people could chip in decent contribution for the performance of this young man.

Charmed by the song and performance, I actually bought his CD - which is actually this young man's first single. This cute and talented young man is Yosuke Saigo (西郷葉介). I was seriously mesmerized by both songs performed - this is an honest statement because I have been listening to the songs again and again for more than hundred times in the past couple of weeks. If given the chance again, I would stay longer at the site and try to get more information from the singer, himself, for this blog entry. However, as usual language is the barrier; yet I am determined to write something - as a support to being his new fan.

A check on his official website ( is now showing his second single promotion that is due for release in June 2012. As of now, the website is only done in Japanese. I hope naturally when he is going global, an English version will be made available. Born in 1984, Yosuke Saigo is from Tokyo, who likes sashimi and everything about Dragon Ball. It is said in his website that he is aiming big for the upcoming year, and he enjoys performing music. For anyone who wants news from this talented singer, check out his official blog (; or find him on Twitter (@yosuke_saigo) and on facebook (

In the name of the love for music I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yosuke Saigo for making me special through your musical touch.

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