Saturday, September 8, 2012

Experience Asia – Exciting prizes with Hilton and CNNGo

The video has been part of CNNGo channel. All of you are more than welcomed to view it.

It has been a quite month for this blog but worry not, dear readers; as I am gathering more exciting travel stories for everyone's to enjoy. In the meantime, help me grab an opportunity to win interesting travel prize from Hilton and CNNGo.

1. First, please visit this link ;
Experience Asia – Enter to win exciting prizes with Hilton and CNNGo.
2. Second, find my self-made video title "Love for Travel - A Story"
3. Third, click on the video and of course enjoy yourself watching the short clip
4. Lastly, click "LIKE" button below the video, or you can also tweet to share the video.
For more exciting stories, I wish to explore every possible opportunities. This is also part of a journey. Your attention and support is extremely appreciated.
See you soon!!!
Don't wait further. Just CLICK HERE to immediately view & vote..

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