Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[TIPS] AirAsia X launches premium flatbed deals

For no-frills airlines travelers in Malaysia, you may want to check out the latest promotions from Air Asia for selected Asia travel routes. As reported on The Star - AirAsia X launches premium flatbed deals - Nation | The Star Online, special fares on premium flatbed are available for travelers.

Budget savvy travelers (like me) usually fly with no-frills airlines while putting aside comfort and flying luxury aside. Nonetheless, I'm sure while traveling longer hours flight (i.e. more than 4 hours journey), individuals flying would prefer to have a choice for better comfort to complement their traveling needs. While normal carriers do provide choices on economy class seats at promotion rates, travelers may only receive a simple upgrade on comfort and utilities compared to no-frills airlines at a higher price.

If you are flying to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Australia from today until January 2013, you may get lucky and fly with business class treatment with Air Asia X. Online promotion is available from as low as RM799. At this kind of price, you can only get basic economy travel with the normal airlines. 

I flew Air Asia X from Taiwan back to Kuala Lumpur before and I must say, the services and comfort flying with Air Asia X is comparable with other normal air carriers, at a fraction of the normal price I usually pay.

So, if you are planning for this year-end travel...why not give Air Asia X a try? However, with Air Asia one needs to be extremely smart and lucky while making a purchase online. Warning!!! You may need to stay up at three in the morning (3 am) in order to see the promotion price availability, AND need to decide there and then on buying (because if you want to think first before purchase, is definitely a good idea!!!)

Note: Picture above is from Air Asia website. It is for reference purposely only, readers are to visit AirAsia website directly to get more details.

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