Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: Turning 5 and going strong

The calendar shows that it is almost a week since 2012 left us. Last year was a quiet travel year for me. Nonetheless, I managed to roam around Tokyo and for the first time traveled to Brunei successfully.

When I started writing on this blog, my intention was to share information and opinion with all of you. This year, "Reality Check: The Air We Breathe" is turning five (5). I will still be sharing information and ideas, except it would be everything related to traveling.

2013 travel calendar is yet to be finalized but there is news for everyone. I will definitely be traveling to the Philippines and Laos in this first half of the year. So, look out for interesting entries related to the travel.

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Happy two thousands and thirteen, my dear readers and fans. I will look forward towards creating more meaningful experience together with all of you.

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