Thursday, April 3, 2008

System Engineered

We live in a place where many groups of people co-exists and so as many types of system to support the society structures. Referring to the common economic, political and social structures which are highly regarded as the foundation of civilization, spanning throughout all time-frame and periods. People, in general, usually do not have the luxury of creating the system(s), but the majority seems very able to live 'normal' enough as a result of these systems. 

Change often influences the construction and the shape of system. Over a certain period of time, a system's deliverable must have produced certain quantitative and qualitative end-products. If one system fails to produce any end-product, the system must have mechanism fault. Also, if one system succeed at producing the desirable end-product, the system must have worked extremely well. But what if one system appears to be working well but fail to produce the desirable end-product? In simple illustration, when a fully functional machine meant to produce 'square shaped chocolate with red colour wrapping' is producing a 'square shaped chocolate with pink colour wrapping', one should definitely goes back to the machine and check its production setting. Isn't it too obvious that common sense would allow action to be taken as a result of defect or fault found?

The above has touched on one common point but in two different perspectives- SYSTEM.

What does system mean, in the first place? 
Why does a system exist or created? 
Who is the participant in a system?
Where is the system exist or created?
When does the system existed or created?
How does the system work?

These basic questions are the common ones used at describing and justifying a system. Again, to relate this set of questions with the previous statements one must be able to see and understand the existing situation where many systems apply in our daily lives. Men-made system is impossible to be perfectly designed and implemented. Even the best system would require adjustments or fine-tuning over a period of time. When needs and demands change, system should be able to accommodate these changes. When attributes of the mechanism change so as the deliverables, hence compromising the objectives of such system. What appears to be needed 10 years ago may not be applicable in today's environment. Yet we still use the system which was build a decade ago. Same goes to a football team which now score less goals because the players are growing old, and still we send the same players to play because they are still being trained by the best coach on planet. 

What a misery of reality, huh..!!??? I dislike the idea of 'having-no-option' attitude when it comes to system. Someone really close to me continuously advices me to keep my mouth shut and follow what the majority does. I have recently became unemployed because I questioned a system which I found less efective. Apparently, everyone else knew but they do not see the importance of changing or improving the system. It is not part of the job-scope, I was told. When I was younger, I rarely withdrawn myself from being included in any system which I found wrong. Most times, I participated and many times took advantage of the system so I could deliver; though it did not conform with the standard. It was always acceptable since I did not abuse or did any criminal offenses, if you can get what I mean. For example, not-so-long ago, I had to be placed in this particular school because the system could not accommodate the conditions in the request of placement made when I had to change school. It was poorly justified when I still had to take 2 busses of 1 hour ride just so I could go to a school that would allow me to continue taking Arabic. There is a school within a walking distance from my house but I could not go there because there was no Arabic class. Getting me a place in a national religious school with hostel facility was rejected. During that time, the concern was on the subjects I was supposed to take for the national exam. I did not come from a religious school so I have no opportunity to go to one. I was taking Arabic as additional subject, which most day school does not offer. There is no difference in syllabus taught at religious or day schools. I was so puzzled and disheartened when the system fail to recognize the situation. So, I went to the school the system placed me in. It was not easy physically and psychologically. 

The main concern is the essential skills required for every participant in any system. One must be able to clearly identify the defects or problems, as well as taking corrective measures required. How strange people can be, when they accept all inconveniences experienced are the reason for their comforts.

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I have recently became unemployed because I questioned a system which I found less efective. Apparently, everyone else knew but they do not see the importance of changing or improving the system. It is not part of the job-scope, I was told.

Someone actually said "its not part of the job scope" to you as in its not your job or its not their job ??

Either way, theyre right anyhow...

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