Thursday, June 26, 2008

Failed System - the predicament.

Finally, I was able to return home after 11 days hospitalized caused by food poisoning. I am very much thankful to Allah for the recovery process. Also, I am so grateful to all family members who remain close to me all those long hours of ongoing medical treatment.

There are times when I feel that things progress very slowly in life, and work. However, while I was only away for 11 days I was made to understand that so many matters had developed interestingly, be it work-related or family-related, etc., etc., etc.

Let me recall on my earlier writing over becoming a victim of a system a couple months ago. Although my interest at my old working place stopped the moment I quit, I was never deprive from getting continuous information from that office. (Courtesy of being lived in this country.) I could say that the amount of drama happened if were to be made into a tele-movie could push the TV rating high enough to justify the excitement on TV drama lovers. Latest news received was that the system (which I was a part of it) has suffered so much. Of course, to many who were involved, this interesting development shall bring big relief and, perhaps can be seen as a long-awaited ‘bonus’. For a quick recap, my frustration and fight was about a failing system, where the people inside the system refused to change. Since this culture discourages ‘younger’ people to question their higher hierarchy, bad practice of management became acceptable; even when it is proven to bring less productivity. In this case, the management failed to listen to ‘the people’, who really slave themselves to meet the organization’s objective, and was very adamant at proving that the higher management people knows better on how to do things.

I left and never look back. I did not want to get involve since I lost my battle fighting for the benefits of all. Being a rookie & newbie (plus fresh graduate), I was labeled as the bad influence and was accused to be the culprits over the ‘grumbling & collapsing’ ground there. I followed my conventional mom not to care and move on after I decided to quit. Surprisingly, I got a phone call from the ex-manager, whom everyone believes could make the difference should this matter handled properly, trying to dig out information; in which had affected the person’s job. I was so amazed how stubborn a person can be even when you have been told by someone more superior the same thing. 

Anyway, the matter which annoys me very much is the on-going culture of “bila dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah” (to realize the pain only when one knocks on the head). A good system should have a sensitive alarm. Once the system has been severely injured, it has not only wasted so much resource but also compromised the overall performances & productivity. Now that the management had no option but to change, it is a little bit too late. Too many good & talented people left and the remaining may have their morale injured badly enough, the healing period could take longer than anyone can anticipate. 

In conclusion, I do wish all the best for the people who I consider strong enough to stay-on till this day. They are part of another failed system, where they did not have any option but to stay.

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