Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love for food? It can be poisonuous too...

At this point of time, I have been hospitalized for more than 10 days and has been sicked for 12 days. Never I imagined I would be this ill and need to stay in a hospital just because of food poisoning.

For a person who has been very careful & particular about what, when and where to eat, this kind of incident has really taught me a good lesson.

I went to Red Box Plus at Pavilion KL to enjoy karaoke session, plus the international dinner buffet with a friend. Buffet meal for me is a waste because of my eating habit. Excited to try out at this place, I tried a number of food served including some of my favorites - oyster & sushi.

Though I only took 1 oyster & 3 pieces of sushi (for RM55++/pax), now I am still under attending doctor purview at a hospital in KL. My luck was I beat the odd for being one of the thousands cases reported around the world to be infected by the SALMONELLA bacterium. It is rare in the country but there is still a possibility especially through eating raw food or food which was not properly prepared.

I am not sure if I want to report this to the Red Box management. The waiter that night was very friendly and nice. Plus the service was also great. I had great time. Until the next morning.

Whatever the situation is, I am thankful that this infection is treatable although it will take some time before my body fully recover.

It maybe a lesson for me this time, but to all...please take extra caution when you eat food outside, irregardless of the place.

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