Sunday, December 27, 2009

Highlight of the Year No. 3: Being Parents (part time job)

Highlight of the Year No. 3: Being Parents (part time job)

When my dad decided to leave for Nigeria to pursue his dream, my immediate reaction was - COOL!

But when the time comes for him to leave, it was all mixed emotions. It was odd not to have papa in the house. Although he always made us feel stress, for his educational and career talk, but he has always been the support for all of us. 

The first 3 months, papa went to Nigeria on his own. However, he and mama, whom have never been separated all their married life, realized that it was not easy surviving on their own during that 3 months. So, when papa came back for a short meeting in town, he quickly make arrangements to bring mama along to Nigeria.

Immediately after they left, I assume responsibility of being a parent at home. Not like I have small kids to take care, but gosh..taking care of adults is harder than I thought. The youngest in the house is already 17, but managing two siblings in university and one in school is quite challenging.

Both my parents are back home in town for a break. I am not sure if I will be up to resume my duty when they leave for Nigeria, again next year. I am plotting for my brother and youngest sister to follow them (since they now don't have anything to do). It is a part time job without any pay, so I prefer to have it simple.

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