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Trip to KK: 2009 Closing (Chapter I)

My apology for not keeping my promise - to write a piece, at least, per day until 2009 closes itself. However, I had a valid reason for not writing for the past week - I was having the most exciting time ever, in my 10 years lifetime history.

This time, it will be officially recorded on this blog about how my first decade of millennium ended. First of all, my full gratitude goes to a very dear and close friend of mine, whom have been there for me from the moment I landed to the land full of treasured experiences and memories. You know who you are my dear B.

28 December 2009 
My day started very early as I left for the airport to catch my flight, which was scheduled at 10.20am. To my dear K, thanks for sponsoring the ticket. It was damn expensive since it is the high season - year end. Nevertheless, since you know this trip mean so much to me - your effort was not gone wasted. 

I started my trip alone from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur. I was not about to have a late breakfast on the air, so I browse around to see the newly refurbished terminal for a nice place to eat. My call for that morning is Taste of Asia and it was all worth it. The ambiance and food were just nice to fuel me until I reach my destination.

It was a two and half hour flight. Knowing that I may feel bored on air (since I am taking Air Asia), I grabbed a book "Life's Like That' by Lydia Teh, from a book store at the airport. I giggled and laughed throughout the flight reading (half of the book - another half reserved for the return flight) it. It was certainly interesting to read about being local (Malaysian) and those normal things we encounter in life. Anyone who wants to know about how we Malaysian live our not-so-average daily life, you should grab one yourself.

The moment I switched on my hand phone, came a message from a 'him' asking if I have already landed. As I stepped down on the ground of Sabah, I feel the rush and excitement fueling up inside me (do you need to guess why?). The airport terminal is fairly new - I supposed the renovation is finally completed now.

I will never forget the look on his face seeing him seating while waiting for me outside the terminal. A man with few words, I called him first to acknowledge him of my arrival. It was already 1.15pm and of course both of us were already hungry. So our first pit stop of the day is one of our favourite eating places, Kedai Kopi Wan Wan.  

There is one thing special about KK when it comes to my favourite eating places list. I can never find a decent place to eat 'safe' chinese noodles anywhere in KL. I never thought that I'd fall in love with its fish me (I cannot even know what is the name of the food in Chinese, and maybe never will). It was so nice that he still remembers the food that I always ate here when we used to frequent this kedai kopi back in those years. It was my first visit here for lunch with him when we saw Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) eating at the same place back in 2006. 

After lunch, we headed to a very special place to both of us. It was there we both got to know each other. It was there our friendship started and grew. It was there he first saw me cried and it was there marked our journey towards adulthood. It was University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). It felt odd when we drove pass the entrance of UMS, not as a student. Nothing much has changed but the trees (they all have grown up..LOL!!!). I was a bit surprised to see not many students around the compound, although it was the first day of the new semester. We wanted to go to our school but before that we made a stop at another building, hoping to see our lovely Japanese Language Teachers. 

This is the first time after graduation to come back to UMS. So, it was not easy to find our lecturers' rooms. Both of us climbed stairs and walk passed every single doors in the building, hoping to see familiar names. After about 20 minutes, we finally saw Oike-sensei name on one of the doors. Unfortunately, no one was inside. So, we walk a few steps ahead and the moment we saw Yamamoto-sensei name (together with giggling sound from inside), we knew that luck is still on our side.

Her first reaction to see both of us, "You guys haven't changed. Still looks the same." Both of us laughed, of course. After three years, to see the same couple (in the same style, almost), perhaps that is the best reaction anyone can give. Eventually, Oike-sensei did show up and we enjoyed catching up briefly over each other's latest updates. Mata aimashou ne, sensei.

Next stop was School of Business and Economics (SPE). Though there was not many people there, but we managed to see Mr Jaratin. Earlier, we took a funny picture of the IB (International Business) board downstairs. Those who knows the whole story, I am sure you know what I mean. 

Before we left, we stopped at our famous UMS beach. There is so many memories shared between me and him. It was fun to see the sea again, for both of us. 

We left UMS around 5.30pm and since the 1Borneo are now opened, he took me there to see the much hyped hypermall, first in Borneo - so it is said to be.

After 1Borneo, I finally went to his home, where I will be staying for the next 3 days. Seeing familiar faces, whom I used to spend time with (FYI, I used to stay at his home for a year), gives so much comfort.

The exciting part of the day was when we headed to a special place; where it is so special, not only to me and him, but to many other fellow IB students (the clan, I shall say). OMG, the moment we walked to the restaurant, we were served by the same waiter (and amazingly he stills recognized us).

Aesha Corner and its Nasi Goreng Aesha Special : it just made my day worth more than words to say. 

On this same day (or shall I say evening), my very good friend (used to be our lecturer) joined us at the end of dinner. My day was sealed off with a 'special' achievement influenced (and helped) by her and him. We sat down at Cock & Bull bar, listening to the stunning voice of the main singer of the band...when I told them that "This is the last sinful thing I have yet to do", and thanks to both of them - my mission is now sort of completed. Guys, you know which part of the evening I am referring to. Just when we are about to leave the bar, the song he has requested started playing. Of course, we stayed until the song end before we actually make our move home - light headedly..LOL!!!

I will continue to write about this trip on my next entry (very soon). There is only 1 word to describe my experience so far (first day) - AWESOME!

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