Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle, anyone...?

First of all, I wish to thank the 'person' who gave me the present for the Pricing Team Gift Exchange. It was delayed by a day, nevertheless, like mentioned in my previous is the thought that counts.

However, I have to admit that the 300-pieces jigsaw puzzle is somehow a hint to remind me of who I am, at least in the office. My first reaction was not 'excitement'. Instead, I was a bit disappointed with myself - to be officially known/ perceived as a meticulous and process-oriented person (no offense to the person who gave me the puzzle).

The same evening, I immediately open the box and completed the puzzles within 3 hours.

Of course with the help of my two younger sisters, my disappointment ended up to be an exciting activity between my sisters and I.

At one point I was almost discouraged by the fact that I could not do it faster than I thought. Just for note, I used to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles during my primary school years. But starting and completing the puzzle during the wee hours of mid-night, seemed to be ridiculous (quoted from my sisters). 

That three hours gave me time to do a quick self reflection. The jigsaw puzzle is a testament to the ability of mince trying to play the games without any given rules. Instead, I ended up analyzing about the pieces, the colours, the shapes, and not to forget I even managed to divide the section of which is to be done first and which is last.

If I choose to keep the puzzle first, chances are it will never be touched after I keep it away. My accomplishment that day was to keep on pushing, despite the fact that I was (already) extremely tired (it was 00:00hrs when we completed half) and my back pain kept on bugging me; my determination to ensure the puzzle to be completed as I wanted it to be. 

Since 300-pieces puzzle is now officially not so-challenging for me, I bought a new puzzle earlier today (1000-pieces). Not sure if I am purposely 'daring' myself to see how far I could go (literally), but I can know that the puzzle will be a 'temporary' hobby until I can find things to do outside the house.

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