Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tick!! Tock!! Tick!! Tock!! Countdown Begins...

It is officially another 1 week to go before we move to 2010.

Although I do not celebrate Christmas, it so obvious that year-end blues is somehow slowed down the pace tremendously (be it personal life, work, etc.). I supposed the holiday mood is affecting people all around the world.

However, there is an exciting experience worth sharing despite of the 'year-end holiday mood'.

Earlier today, the team at office had organized a GIFT Exchange session. Last 2 weeks, each one of us had randomly and secretly picked someone else's name for this activity. The idea is to buy something for that person (the activity name itself is self-explanatory) for this activity.

Anyway, I cannot believe that it has been a year since the last gift exchange, and this is the second time I was to be a part of the team to share this experience. Over time there were many instances where I have had bad days at office, but small things like this regular activities do compensate whatever uneasy feelings or thoughts I have about office-life. For those reading this piece, I want to re-emphasize the fact that I love working at the place, where it has great deals of challenges, opportunities and of course most importantly the people.

Although I didn't get my gift today (someone passed a message saying that my gift was accidentally left at home), it does not matter. Personally, I believe that the bond and relationship among the team members is more important and meaningful. I cannot wait for the next activity to be planned.

It has been a wonderful year, guys. 

Additional Notes: Wishing D.O. a great year and life ahead, for the upcoming new course you are about to embark as soon as 2009 draws down its curtain.

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