Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ears pierced..!!!

Somehow I cannot send picture from my mobile phone to this computer (T_T). I wanted to show something for this piece. Nonetheless...

My 2010's overture was sweet and simple - I finally had my ears pierced!

For those who have known me for years, despite being very independent and kinda self-centered (LOL), there are few things about myself which are subjected to my daddy's or mommy's permission. Excluding THE one thing that MUST get parents' permission (need to guess..??? of course to ring the wedding bells), over the years anything related to "self-mutilation" action needs to go through my daddy. This includes ear piercing and cutting hair short.

Anyone from high school or in my early years of university would still remember the length of my hair and they would always talk about it now, when they see my changing hairstyle. Of course tolerating with my dad is essential to get my hair cut from the original length. Although my crown is still considered long, at least I can have them in different colours and styles every now and then.

Despite the known culture of Malay girls having their ears pierced when they are small, my dad have his own stand on this. None of his girls have their ears pierced. Except for my sister who defied his instruction; of which made both of them on cold war term for almost a month.

His wisdom was simple, let the children decide when he/she wants and knows the responsibility of changing (or make adjustment) to God's given creation (in other words - our physical body). 

I finally got the green light after 27 years. It was last week before I went for my holiday. 

So, last night I went straight to a jewelry shop and got both of my ears pierced. My first achievement for the year. It meant so much to me, even though it is only a small act. Thank you, papa.

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