Sunday, January 3, 2010

BACK TO SCHOOL..?? so history...!!!

A few states in the country have started the new year school term today. Like usual, prime time TV news have prepared news and visuals of primary 1 students on their first day in school. Some are happy, some are nervous, some even shed tears as they enter this important phase in life - SCHOOL.

Over the weekend, I went to Selayang Mall couple of times to run a few errands for home. Although many shopping malls started the annual "Back to School" sale and promotion since November, apparently there are still many parents who choose to do last minute shopping. I reckon most of them may have spent on year-end holidays, as well as the festive season celebration, so they had to wait for this month's pay for the school expenses.

With the youngest in family had finished her SPM (national examination) last month, the annual cycle of 'back to school' fever is now officially done for both my mom and dad. The other day my mom was saying to me that she will definitely miss the action of getting her children prepared for school term. I have to congratulate and salute my mom for taking this mission full time for the past 20 years (1989 - marked the first cycle when I, the eldest of 5, first sent to school).

School is a very close subject to my mom, like education is to my dad. My mom had just retired from her teaching profession last year. Strangely, we (I mean all siblings) didn't feel pressure of school even when we know our mother was a teacher. Papa, on the other hand, always been very enthusiastic on making sure we have the best grades consistently. *Sigh* It was and still stressful every time daddy and us to engage in conversation about our studies.

Nonetheless, I must say thank you for both of them for their effort to give us not only a conducive but also 'luxurious' environment when it comes to school and education. Even when the economy was not good, they would still bring us for new school uniforms, shoes, bags, stationaries and books shopping every year-end, before new school term started. I left school 10 years ago, but the annual regime of trying new shoes, new uniforms, wrapping books and checking the to-bring-list for first day of school did not end in there. I too had a fair share of overseeing my younger brothers and sisters 'back-to-school' excitement.

Now that no one is going to school anymore, I will also miss the morning commotion in the house (mommy yelling to wake us up for school, mood messed-up when we cannot find socks to wear, or chaotic action of finding PE clothes on sports day, and the list keeps on and on...)!!

Surely both mama and papa are now waiting for the return on investment (ROI) made for the past 20 years. Out of 5, only two are now employed after graduating with flying colours (I am proud to be able to say this here) 3 years earlier. It will be another 5 years before both of them could reap full benefits from all 5 of us (^_^)//

Anyway, school is now history for all 5 of us..but I am still half way done with my education. This year I am determined to prepare for my Master Degree, which hopefully can be materialized, the latest by the 2011 intakes.

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