Friday, February 19, 2010

Endangered species "Civet Cat" not in the wild, but behind my house

The gazetted forest area which surrounding my neighbourhood is now being slowly changed, in view of paving some development.

I've always thought the loud thumping noise occasionally heard outside or sometimes on the house ceiling could be from any small monkeys or cats. 

Earlier tonight I saw an animal, with long musk, long body and long tail trailing on the telephone line stretching from the pole heading towards me (I was standing facing out the window).

It was dark outside, but upon seeing the animal turned back to the pole, stop and started to stare at me. My curiosity made me to stare back at it, as I was trying to browse in my head of the actual type of animal I was seeing. After about 10 minutes, I guess the animal kinda understood that I was not intimated by it started to trail on the telephone line heading to other direction.

To my amazement not only it has a very long body & tail, the ability to trail on a single rope-alike (i.e. telephone line) and the ability to maneuver it's move (hanging upside down while finishing the trail) before moving to my neighbour's roof gave confirmation that this animal is not any domestic pet or animal.

As I remember that Civet Cat has somehow the same physical description, so I Google up...The picture confirmed again that this is actually what I saw. Civet Cat is protected by law since it is considered as endangered species. They are meant to be in the wild. It saddens me to know that maybe because of their home are now being turned to be commercial or residential area made them vulnerable and have no where to go. 

I supposed sometime in this week, I need to check with FRIM and see if there is any way of catching these wild life animals to relocate them back to where they are supposed to be.

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