Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You want to form a football team, meh?

Almost every time I voiced out the idea of wanting to have 12 children, when I am married later, people will give me a weird look and ask, "Hey, that many kids...are you planning to form a football team?" 

It's not a joke and I am serious. Although the probability now is less since I have no idea when will I find the right guy and plan for a marriage, I am still determine to work hard to achieve the target. WHY?

Reason # 1
Very much influenced by family background (big extended and atomic family members);

Reason # 2
Children is the gift of God. They bring prosperity in life. The more children equates to better prosperous wealth and life;

Reason # 3
The house will continuously filled with children laughs and happy faces, to support me (& my husband) physically and spiritually as the family mature;

Reason # 4
Avoid from having to experience sudden loneliness when the last kid grew up and move out from house (if more in queue, by the time the last one left the house chances are the big ones will start bringing their kids home);

Reason # 5
In the case of emergency (especially growing old), there are abundance of choice for me (& my husband) to rely on;

Reason # 6
Easy delegation of house chores to more 'soldiers' at home;

Reason # 7
When I leave this world permanently, I hope to get more 'doa' (prayers) from all of them;

Reason # 8
Children are the only true assets one could always have, be it now and in after life. I am just being 'greedy' - the more I have the bigger my assets worth (",)

If luck is on my side, who knows if I can really form a team of football..?

What Say You?


i love to have dozen of children...ngeee~~

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