Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wrong Concept of Valentine's Day

The big HU-HA of 14 February for some may be considered as a sensitive subject to talk about. I am NO saint, but speaking from a rational perspective, all my life I was raised to be 'celebrative' over a few important days for various reasons. Some of these special days serve as a reminder for us to be thankful and to give us opportunities to pause our busy daily life schedule in recognition to the ones celebrating.

If celebrating valentine's day is wrong, whenever we associated it with religious or cultural reason (or may I say, excuse), then I supposed I have make wrongs every time I go 'beserk' celebrating Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali, Friendship's day, Teacher's day, Mother's day, Father's day, etc. 

I suppose if we try harder to educate people about the right way of celebrating this so-called valentine's day (or any other festive celebrations), the idea of having a designated day for people to be expressive of his/her loves can be less intrusive to certain religion or culture. In fact, it could probably influence people to value love in better. 

Being a big support of the concept of being celebrative, should a person is wise enough to make due assessment of these special celebrations, great things will soon follow. Yes, I celebrate love for all the special people in my life everyday. However, as a human, too often I forgot how to be expressive of my love to them. At least I have a calendar marked for me to come up with something, so I could spend some time with all the special loved ones and be all expressive about it. How expressive? As long as it is appropriate and acceptable to my loved ones, I am happy.

This year is extra special because there is another person added to the list - Happy Valentine's Day. 

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