Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excellent - All done is your BEST

It's the time of the year where more than 300,000 of Malaysian citizens, namely those who have just finished school end of last year, are all excited to know how their future, soon to be - at least part of it.

Sometime about 10 years ago, I had the same hope like many today. Although, I consider myself in tough terrain back then, I drove on my own (using my mom's car) to go and get my SPM result. Tomorrow, the youngest of 5 in my family is going to walk to the same school, I walked to, with full hope and wishful thinking for a better future for her.

After 11 years (for some it can be are more) of uniform, books and exams - this is a key turning point for almost all of us. Regardless of the outcome, always remember this;

  • Well done for all the effort and works completed..!!!
  • Good luck for all the upcoming journey..!!!
  • If what you see now is not beautiful to your eyes, it doesn't mean everything is ruined.
  • If what you get is not as what you expected, don't feel disappointed. Tomorrow is there for you to make the change..!!!
  • What done is done... You need to move forward, no matter what. Don't ever think about stopping.
  • Success means more responsibility and higher expectation bestowed on your shoulder.
  • Failure is the beginning of your steps to build success...!!!

Make sure that the tears shed tomorrow is because you feel proud of yourself - for all the efforts (",)

PS >> I am happy to know that my youngest sister is keeping everything positive & cheerful, typical her. I can see from her latest entry [ta-da

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