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Magic Man : Born in 1973 in America, he came to learn about his future career as early as 6 years old.

I remember when I was 7 years old I told my school teacher that I wanted to be a DOCTOR or LAWYER. 20 years after my profession is neither in medicine nor in legal.

His image appears to be calm and steady. Besides the brown eyes, his other charming features could be the contagious smile. On TV he is an average smart-looking guy with outstanding performing skills. The way he carry himself in front of audience speaks a lot of distinction.

I remember one man who transcended the same image, every time I switched on TV. He was not quite an artist or common entertainer like I used to see from other TV programs. I came to know about the name of the performing art from my dad, one fine day – He was a magician.

Searching for information about this person from the internet is not difficult. One could just ‘google’ by the name and within less than a second, more than 100,000 results are shown – that is only the result shown in English. Based in Japan, surely there is much other information about this great idol.

I remember seeing him first time on an interview program on TV. Not realizing that he is a magician, the way he speaks and smiles charmed me – almost like love at first sight. Only at the end of the program I came to understand of his profession – He is Cyril T, a magician.

Before the TV show (Simply Magic) due for view in the country, I took the liberty of searching for Cyril’s performance online. Thanks to YouTube, there is various clips of his performance available. At first, I was amazed by the simple Japanese he uses to communicate. Since my Japanese Language level is pretty much basic, I thought it would be difficult for me to really understand the magic shows. I supposed the simple way of using this foreign language, in addition with his easy-to-understand magic performances makes it simple to understand the whole idea of his entertaining acts.

Practicality and rational are two very important values in life I have in principle. Since David Copperfield era, there is no other magic act that could ‘tame’ my principle. Illusions and tricks are similar to lies and deceits – attributes which are detrimental to personality development. I don’t hate magic (and magicians), but I prefer to stay away from this negative influence.

Until I saw Cyril and his magic – my perception change (seriously, it has!)

What is so magic about his act, which could have influenced me so much (I keep on asking this Q so many times since I first saw his magic)?

It’s Cyril, a performer: I could see that he is a performer where magic acts are his profession. When he is out in front of audience or public, it is so obvious that he puts his magician hat and delivers what is expected from him.

It’s the magic act: Simple and entertaining. His act triggers curiosity, but not to the extent of ‘cracking-your-head’. Themes chosen for acts are from normal daily lives of ordinary people (e.g. food, drinks, commuting, money, etc.). I supposed it strikes balance - when people live in a very stressful life which requires no further complexity, watching the magic acts becomes almost simple, pure entertainment for smiles and laughs.

Originated from Hollywood and now based in Japan, international exposure for other parts of the world has just started for Cyril. Initially I wanted to become a member of his fan-club, however I think with a very limited fan base from outside Japan, the official website are still currently catering for his Japan base fan. I hope Cyril’s fan club membership will soon be available for those from outside Japan.

Since I got to know Cyril, I am also blessed to be able to know with many other fans of him. One that is very special to me is from Osaka. Known as Mayumi-chan, she has shared with me much information about Cyril. Thanks to her, I got the best New-Year present this year. She is very lucky to be able to meet with Cyril live-in-person twice. She and her husband run a French restaurant in Osaka; of which will definitely a place to stop, if I were to travel to Japan in the future.

Increasing fan base of Cyril may have resulted to the creation of a few Cyril’s facebook page or accounts. From my observation, these facebook pages or accounts may have been created by any of his fans. So far Cyril has yet to confirm if he actually own any FB page or account.

Occasionally I do receive news or information about Cyril where-about and his activities. From a personal view, when he is not in his performer hat, I see a normal person enjoying life as one is supposed to be. If you are a fan of Cyril, you may have came across a few pictures shared by lucky people who came across to meet Cyril, when he is just a normal person – you can see the stark difference from his presence and image by just looking at these pictures.

While writing this entry, I keep on hoping that Cyril read this and know that there is a person among his thousands of fans admires him.

He is very much inspirational to me just by being himself, be it on stage/TV or not. His magical success now must have been from his deep passion and his hard work all these years. It takes great person to make laughs and joy out of others, especially serious individual like me =D.

If you are reading this, Cyril – THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  

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