Sunday, March 14, 2010

Past & Present: MY LOVE

Although I am known very well among family and friends for being a serious and practical person, I enjoy reading books or watch movies/dramas (and most of the time listen to songs) that are completely opposite the image shown to others.

Like many the subject of love intrigues me very much. It does not really matter the subject matter of being love or getting loved, I value life from a vary unique perspective (I think that may be the nearest correct way of describing it). If anyone were to ask me of my opinion about loving people 10-15 years ago, I'd give a straight answer : I love my boyfriend more than anything else, even more than myself.

I had so much love to give to others, but never to myself. Sometime about 7 years ago, my perspective and value of loving people took a 360-degrees spin. I started to learn to love my own self slowly. After a difficult journey, I now know very well how much I adore and love myself; of course more than anyone else.

Despite feeling lonely and wanting to find the person I love, there are more times than any other that I feel very happy by just having so much love towards my own-self. As love is an ability; which can be taught to oneself, I have learned how to care and pamper myself in the name of love.

It would be nice if I can have someone to love me as much as I love myself. However, I cannot discredit people around me, at present, like my family and friends whom have always been sharing their love with me. 

It has been a few years since I decided to stop dwelling of my own past, in the course of moving forward. Now that I have learnt to love myself, I suppose I can try slowly to take some time to take a glimpse of my own history. 

What is there in the future, if we deny our own history? 

What Say You?


History serves as a good teacher for us. :D

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