Friday, March 19, 2010

Managing gap in perception

Children often yell at their parents this:
Be fair to us - Treat us EQUALLY; Evaluate us EQUALLY;
Soon in time, they will learn: this is neither FEASIBLE nor DESIRABLE, let alone fair.

Their parents reply:
We may never otherwise be but just to you;
We may never otherwise give but according to own your need and capacity;
We may never otherwise judge but judiciously.

You may never be fairly treated and judged but
according to your own destiny,
according to your strength and potential,
according to your surrounding circumstances,
according to the opportunities that come your way.

Never will the most endowed amongst you be equal to the least endowed;
the strong will never be equal to the weak;
the smart will never be equal to the foolish;
the fortunate will never be equal to the unfortunate;

Parents try their best to make the enequal equal, the unfair fair.
In time, when their children become the parents of their own children, they will know this - soon enough.

Credit to my dad, this is an excerpt from an email sent to me (and my siblings) back in 2006; which I feel worth sharing with readers.

What Say You?


indeed, its so true, after having a son and daughter, now i realized what my parent tried to taught me before

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