Monday, April 12, 2010

Building self-confidence (the recipe)

Everyone was not born as a performer.

When I was growing up, it seemed natural for me to love being in the lime-light. Somehow, I like to be the centre of attention. Many of my peers and friends were clearly ‘jealous’ over my ‘fame’. I supposed the main motivational push of wanting the ‘fame’ all to myself was the acknowledgement received for the achievements made. At a very tender age I realized that our culture was bias against female. In many instances, even when I have worked hard or behaved at my best, the word of compliments received often accompanied with comparison to the opposite gender – male.

…before I continue, I’d like to reassure everyone that I’m not writing about gender bias!!!

Ok, let’s continue.

At a young age, I suffer from the lime-light addiction. In view to feed the addiction, I kept on participating and making achievements. As mentioned above, even when the highlight was on my achievements, it was not sufficient – the indirect competition with the opposite gender, made me felt less competent. So, I was determined to further develop my skills and worked hard to be very vocal and very outspoken. Indeed, I was well known to be a vocal & outspoken girl in school - after quiet some time.

How does this story relate to the topic of this entry?

Ever heard the complaint by your friends or colleagues about having insufficient self confident? I surely have heard enough among friends, colleagues and relatives. Every time this type of question or concern is shared, my advice is simple – Confident is not something that people are born with. It is a skill that can be acquired.

In order for an individual to learn about one’s self-confidence level, one should understand the basic ingredient of ‘baking a basic confident’:-

1 cup of faith
½ cup of fear
½ cup of anxiety
A pinch of excitement
A spoon of strength
1 whole bowl of knowledge
1 whole bowl of determination
1 whole body of yourself

Take the cup of faith and pour it over the cup of fear and anxiety. You would notice that the fear and anxiety is no longer visible, when you start stirring them. Add in a pinch of excitement to give the mixture extra boost. Put in the spoon of strength to allow the mixture to rise. Let the mixture to relax for a while.

Next, take the bowl of knowledge and mix it with the bowl of determination until both are well blended. Slowly add in the first mixture into this concoction. This thick mixture is then poured to the whole body. Make sure that every area is covered and allow the mixture to get absorbed gradually. Once finished, bake them on a small heat. Every now and then you need the increase the heat.

Confidence is best served when it is hot. However, you’ll get a bold taste even when it is served cold. 

One needs to know that everyone can 'bake the confident'. With the right combination of ingredients and along time, you can have it according to your flavour. Just like the eagle - it had to learn from young on how to be strong, bold and confident.

What Say You?


sometimes, i think i don't have the confidence to do something..maybe my recipe is not well blend or missing some of the ingredients..should look up more intensely for it..thanks for sharing ^_^

hi, kniedaz. me too. sometimes, it happen to me. i dunt have confidende to speak with other people about my opinion, no confidence to start what im supposed to do :(

its ok. now, we hav this secret ingredients ya ;)

lizz, yup you r right..i'm too shy to speak out my opinion so many times i just agreed with others but inside me i'm just like "hey..why don't i speak up?"...huhu

When you feel there is obstacles stopping you from moving forward, it is the internal fear that one may not have realized or acknowledge.

One needs to learn to manage own fear and along time..the ability to being expressive will shy away your introvert attributes, naturally.

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