Saturday, April 10, 2010

Look into the mirror first before you want to say something!!!

Whenever I read about controversial or sensational issues written (be it in news or blogs), especially of personal life involving celebrities; I cannot help myself from feeling surprised or sad or sympathy or angry, etc., like almost everybody else. Not that I care so much about these celebrities, though.

Whether you realize it or not, these highlighted stories are the true reflection of same issues faced by the ‘common’ majority – ALL OF US.
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“We are also human like everyone else.” Does this statement ring any bell?
  • When Bill Clinton’s secret affair with Monica Lewinsky was widely condemned, it was only news, but with little significant. So what? Secret affairs are common among people like us, lecturer with students, my neighbor’s husband with another neighbor, your boss with his receptionist, and the list can be further extended – your call.
  • When local rock artistes are reported to be caught because of drugs, it was also only news. Most of us are aware of the drug abuse problems among school children, university students, young executives, etc. If it is normal story in our daily life, so why make a big fuss over this issue?
  • When Remy Ishak (local Malaysian actor) was accused of being abusive and has hit his former girlfriend, it was another story to tell. Surely there are more physical violence incidents between couples that happen in our day-to-day life – you can ask the nearby police station to confirm how many reports made by the common civilians over this problem.

I can list more examples of these kinds of incidents, but I don’t think it has any significant to us in general.

HUMAN IN NATURE ARE BIAS. You ought to agree with this statement. We either put blame or show tremendous support whenever a discussion of an issue is brought up. Hence, we like to make comparison to justify our stand or opinions.

I take a simple example of amount of support by the majority over the “KATAKAN TAK NAK” campaign (Stop Smoking campaign).

Even when the all information about the hazards of smoking is widely available, many of us keep on re-emphasizing of the ‘bad end result’ of the habit – “Stop smoking because it is bad for health”, “I don’t like other smoking people, because I am exposed to the risk of getting cancer”, bla..bla..bla..; whenever we are justifying our support to the campaign.

Little that we know about how to actually help the smokers to quit the habit.

In giving advice, how many of us gave recommendation to the targeted audience of where to get help (i.e. which clinic or centre that provides the service)? How many of us are aware that the most effective quit smoking program cost around RM 1,200; and are willing to help the smokers in terms of financial aid for the program? How many are willing to be next to the person 24/7 when he/she start the quit smoking program?

Going back to the topic, consider analyzing situation from more perspectives before making any opinions or comments, otherwise we are no different from the problematic celebrities. A person’s ability to see problem/issue from different aspects will induce a clearer and better understanding of a certain matter. Chances of falling into psychological trap to being BIAS are reduced; making us smarter over forming opinions and giving suggestions/ advices to others.

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Sometimes things are better left unsaid.. :D Have a nice day

Yes, I do agree the same. Though, it is challenging to stop people from expressing themselves - especially nowadays ;)

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