Sunday, April 4, 2010

Formula 1: A dream comes true (Part I)

One can always have at least an impossible (or shall I say almost) dream, of which often be the wildest or the craziest among all dreams. If one dream is to be considered as an impossible mission, does that means one has to stop dreaming? A very rational type of person would argue that having an impossible dream could be a waste to an individual.

However, it could be the only thing that spices up your entire life. Among the many crazy dreams I have in life, I have always wanted to watch Michael Schumacher live in action. Due to other commitments, plus the fact that I was not able to afford the ticket, my closest experience with F1 race cars and its drivers are in front of my TV, at home, even until Schumy announced his retirement 3 years ago .

When I got the news that my idol was going race again, it was one of the exciting moment in life. While I was trying to get hold of this year F1 Malaysia GP opportunity, my office had opened the door for me. It was only a 15 minutes quiz-and-BOOM!!! Today, for the 1st time since my passion for the sport started, I was seated in the second row from the main racing track facing directly to Mercedes Petronas team pit. I cannot even describe the feeling when I could immediately see Michael Schumacher’s name clearly – without having to use any visual aid.

As soon as the qualifying ended, the memory of seeing Schumy waving to all the fans remains. Can’t wait to really experience the whole adrenaline rush and excitement tomorrow.

To be Continued…

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