Sunday, April 25, 2010

Human are selfish animals

Warning: This entry may be offensive and lack of consideration towards others. Those, who completes reading and somehow think and feel negatively affected by any part of the entry is solely responsible for the choice made. I hereby disclaim myself from being responsible to any hurt or/and grievances cause to the readers.

Accept people for who they are.
Do not be hypocrite to oneself and others.
Walk the talk.

These are the common statements (or shall I say, advises) when we try to describe the set of values that shaped one’s personality (and attitude). The idea is to ensure that every one of us is being honest to oneself, and of course in hope that people can also be honest in return.

Based on a personal observation, all these are just “BULLS**T” (apology for the harsh word).

Human are selfish animals.
Human are bias in nature.

Listed below are justifications for the ‘accusations’ made above:-

Our preference based on our set of standards; which are acceptable to us – not to others. 
Example: I do not like Bob (not real name), because he is annoying. 
ANNOYING – criteria that constitute annoying to me may not be the same to Bob, or other.  

Our sets of values are customized to yourself -- not to others. 
Example: I am happy because I have scored 10 A’s in my exam. 
HAPPY – the benchmarking of the achievement attained by me may not be the same to others.

Our perception and understanding are based on our knowledge and experience – not others. 
Example: I choose not to marry a Malay guy because my last relationship with a Malay guy failed miserably. 
Condition set (i.e. Malay guy) for the failure may not be the same to others.

Our expectations of others are to satisfy our need and want -- not others. 
Example: I was shocked to see her smoking in public, especially since she is a Malay girl -– it is shameful. 
Shocked? Shameful? One cannot assume that the result of others always make sense to oneself.


Just because I choose the way I dressed and to be presented in public that are perceived as SEXY doesn’t mean I feel sexy;

Just because I am loud and outspoken doesn’t mean that I am rude and inconsiderate;

Just because I am earning $10,000 a month doesn’t mean that I am rich and happy;

Just because I own everything a person can have doesn’t mean I am capable to fulfill everyone else’s wishes;


Just because people seems to have difficult times understanding and accepting, doesn’t mean I have to change to accommodate to your wishes!


In summary, human will always be human – open to flaws and weaknesses. We try to not to be bias, but we can’t. We try not to be selfish, unfortunately we are selfish.

(It has been a while since the last entry posted on this blog. Due to overwhelming career commitment, I have to say sorry to my loyal readers. For the next few weeks, or so, my commitment to writing in this blog is limited. However, please feel free to browse through and read from my previous entries.)

What Say You?


wow ,you earn 10000 a month .

one thing. we are the soul trapped in animal body. if we can think without the body, and manage the body as separate entity, we can excel in what ever we do.

the selfish, ego, bias, etc etc all those are naturally embedded in this human body, our job is to control it.

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