Monday, April 26, 2010

Just RM25k - I'll give you everything, stripped off, naked, and...

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Unfortunately this post is not specifically related to the idea of EXPOSING my sexy & beautiful figure to all. (Sorry guys, such thing may risk everything that I have been working all my life).

In the past two entries, contents written are a few from many personal topics which I'd like to share with readers. Too often when I browse through blogs for things to read, I stumble into entries about love, relationship, marriages, etc. A few really has good content; which are potential to be adopted as reference. However, many writes from a personal perspective; which may seem dramatic but can do little to educate others. 

While the majority agree to the concept of LOVE is important basis of a marriage, there are quite a number of supporters to the idea of ensuring other conditions to be met before you can ring the wedding bells. Personally, I chose MONEY over LOVE as the fundamental basis of a marriage.

Before anyone jumps into conclusion, I am not saying that LOVE is not important. 

Love is extremely important. However, Money is essential, for the survival of a loving relationship.

  • Cost of living for a person keeps on escalating nowadays. If one struggles to have a decent life, it is the question of afford-ability to add another person to one's life; which LOVE cannot win over MONEY.
  • Expectation to having someone to serve and provide a comfortable life is very much related to the ability of making the right environment and tools available. LOVE cannot buy the house or the car for you and your partner to sit in.
If you only have RM 5,000 to give (for the whole life expense);

  • You can never get Angelina Jolie out of a woman,
  • You can never get a place big enough to house 2 of you (and more in future),
  • You can never get gourmet food served on dining table,
  • You can never get 24/7 first class maid service,
A friend of mine shared this with me, "A wife should always received the best treatment from a husband. Only if everything is provided, then only I can give him everything back."

Note: This is a personal opinion, based on my personal experience. If any of the content above is offensive or seem to be anything related to anyone else, it is just a coincident. 

What Say You?


the question is when you have all the money you need , anyone tries to have a relationship , you will think that person is interested in your money and not yourself.

interesting...from my self experience, love first then money came later...dunno

@etomyam - As noted in the post, no doubt that love is also important. Some may argue that love could be equivalent to money. This opinion is seen from a different perspective - i rather say, more justifiable and measurable. Love, however - is subjective to be clearly justify or measured.

@Anonymous - suspicious is a negative trait, that could negatively impact one's judgment. I prefer to have doubts rather than developing negative perception. Once you have perception, one will start building wall, but when you have doubt, it'll make one to further develop arguments and deal with it.

without money we can't secure love nowadays..

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