Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding love at work (",)

There is one thing in my life that has been extremely consistent – my crazy obsession with ‘works’.

Almost all of the people who knows me will most likely to agree with the above statement.

…and I just do not have anything less (or more) to say when people start advising me to tone down or relax a bit. WHY? Hmmm…because I find myself struggling every time I purposely made myself idle from ‘serious business.’

If there is one thing good about being single, I’d definitely say, “It’s the freedom; I have, to do the things I love.” Unfortunately the ONE thing I love doing the most is to keep myself busy.

To set the record straight, this entry is not about my crazy obsession over work. However, since I had just been somehow relief from the intensify demand of professional commitment, perhaps the experience could be something worth sharing while I scribble a few points in this entry.

Most of us work because we have to survive;
Some of us work because we are told to;
A few of us work because we want to;
...and a small numbers of us work because we love to.

When one has to work in order to survive, there is no questioning about it anymore. It is self explanatory. Either you find something to do and earn a living, or you ‘die’.

When one has to work because someone told you so, one would most probably compromise a fair share of individual desire/want. At this juncture, one would most probably still have choice to choose. However, due to certain limitations or/and obstacles, choosing the right job may not be sufficient to accommodate the needs (yours or others).

When one has to work because he/she wants to, one has come to a point of having a good control over his/her life at making a professional decision. Taking up or turning down job offer may or may not have personal implications to one’s life.

And when one starts working because of love, it is the ultimate individual freedom one could ever have. The 110% commitment given is driving both personal and professional gains at the same time.

Although professional gains are often measurable, personal achievements could be very subjective. Both are always described to be equally important but never to be mixed with each other. I do know that I have to work in order to survive, but I also understand that surviving alone is not enough. Hence, I strive at finding work which I could fall in love with.

I am a firm believer that LOVE is a skill that needs to be learned. Thus, falling in love with the work I do is possible.

How to find such passion and love to accommodate both personal and professional needs?
  • Find a reasonable justification to match my personal needs together with my professional goals;
  • Compliment personal and professional equally special for every achievement attained;
  • Continuously being optimistic about objectives set and the actions taken;
  • Respect and pay attention to both personal and professional environments;
  • Consistently re-assess the whole deal -- for all the deliverables obtained, ensure that neither personal nor professional values are compromised (i.e. equally satisfactory, happy, sad, etc.).

Having said of the above, I cannot agree less when the arguments about balancing work and life is demanding a better individual’s consideration. While many prefer not to mix personal and professional commitments as one, I see it from slightly a different angle –

“Personal & professional agendas are like railway track, paired but not joint together. Both must be aligned in order to ensure the train coach (individual) can move. The track will also determine the journey of the train coach, be it smooth or rough.”

Credit to Bizz Bee

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a great view u have here.hoping that i would someday find a job that i love to do, just like u do :)

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