Sunday, June 27, 2010

Discover True Passion

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Work-life balance could be one challenging area for an individual who is career-focused. Since end of last year, it was a personal struggle to find an interesting activity - the need of going out from house on weekends had accelerated significantly.

Anything that is related to outdoor, nature and animals have always been an exciting concept for me to explore. However, I must say, the toughest part is finding someone else who has equal passion for these activities. For years, finding a decent companion to explore nature and experience outdoor activities has been futile.

...and the search is still on-going.

Locking myself in the house 8 days a month/ 12 months a year seems to only benefit my banking account - I managed to save up so much money for the past 1 1/2 year by not going out on weekends :)

Sometime about a month and half ago, I decided to go away for a short weekend get-away. It was a solo 2 days/1 night adventure embarked in the quest to get myself some decent sleep and rest. 

The trip was not extensive -- only 45 mins drive from my residential area. 

That weekend was historical. It took more than a 'thick-face' and courage to be a bit 'lady-like' while discovering a hidden passion of mine - horseback riding. Since then, every Sunday is my personal time for my passion.

Note: I can no longer afford waiting (for that someone), but I can afford enjoying everything that I want to do now.
Next in line - Para-gliding & free fall (Hopefully, it could be materialize soon)

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