Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ambition - Now and Before

I could still remember how life was simple in during my childhood.

Every year on the first day at school, teachers would always asked the same set of question. One of the mandatory question is, "What is your ambition?"

My first year of primary school, my ambition was to be a doctor. It seemed so noble, being able to help sick people. I have to admit that I watched too much of Doogie Howser, M.D. The idea of being smart (genius, actually) and able to become a doctor at a very young age motivated me to excel in school.

Then after a couple of years, my interest shifted to wanting to become a singer. Can't really remember the reason for my obsession of performing in front of people to showcase my so-so beautiful voice. Perhaps it was very much influenced by my music lessons that time.

At the end of my primary school years, I found out that I had good skills at paintings (I was also enrolled in an art class). Somehow I managed to dream about being an artist with my paintings being showcase all around the world.

There was a time when I could not decide of my ambition. So every time people asked me of my ambition, I'd give a straight answer - I just want to be a decent human being (Mahu jadi manusia berguna). Come to think of it now, I feel a bit silly, because I am sure everyone would like to grow up and be 'a useful person'...Hahaha...

During the teenage years I had the biggest ambition ever - I want to become the most successful and famous filmmaker; better than Steven Spielberg. The influence was very much due to the exposure to the movies and books that took up most of my free times. I fought hard to gain my entry to do my diploma in performing arts, so I could move a step forward to becoming the famous filmmaker. 

If you ask me know, "what is your ambition?", there could never be a straight answer. Life is no longer simple as it used to be. As we grow older, wanting to become someone or something requires resource planning and proper execution. One can be influenced by so many other things on top of the existing environment that could either be motivating or de-motivating an individual.

Perhaps the most reasonable answer of such question at this moment, "I want to be a decent human being."

What about you? What is your ambition?

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