Monday, July 5, 2010

Character Building - Interaction with Animals

I am an ANIMAL person; not so big fan of flora. Talking about co-existence, many would agree that we walk on this earth not only to interact with human, but also with other living-beings.

Some people find calm and solace by making financial and intellectual achievements; while others define it from different perspectives. The last entry was about discovering passion and my new horse riding experience, finding the balance in life. 

Based on a general observation, there are quite a number of individuals who posses such a strong image or stature could easily masked their soft side to the public.

TIPS: You may want to investigate if that person really is who he/she appears to be, by finding some information of his/her attitudes towards other living-beings (i.e. animals or plants). You could be surprised to discover a totally different character of such strong persons when they interact with animals or plants. 


While many prefer dogs or rabbits or turtles or fish or hamster or other domestic animals as pets, surely there are cat lovers out there. Out of many alternatives of domestic animals, my vote goes to the feline families, and that includes all the BIG cats. Perhaps one day I'll be rich enough to have my own zoo and share my love with tigers or lions or any other big cats species. However, as of now - reality check: most of us could only afford to home kittens or/and cats as pet.

Whatever your choice is, it is a blessing for individuals to be given an opportunity to share loves, affections and cares with animals. Animals can never speak (verbally) for themselves, and as human; it is our responsibilities to ensure that everything that GOD has created are equally well taken care off - just like we take care of our family and friends.

I used to have cats as pet, but due to career commitment it has been very difficult to house and fully take care of even one cat. Cats are no match to dogs, when it comes to loyalty. Nevertheless, feline is also known to be a good friend to human. I lost a special friend last year. He came by 3 years ago when I was in search of a feline friend. I guess he was an old cat. IBRAHIM went away about a year ago and never came home. Since then, I lost a friend that bid my goodbye every morning I go to work, and a friend that waited for me when I come home from work late at night.

There has not been any replacement of Ibrahim. However, there is always cat's food in the kitchen - just in case if any stray cats stop at my house for food. Recently, a white male alley cat has been making a frequent visit at my porch, twice a day (morning & evening). I call him ALI. Almost similar to Ibrahim - he could somehow listen to my stress talk, every time I got home from work (while feeding him of course). 

He was a stray cat, until Thursday evening - he came home with a huge maggot infested wound underneath his neck. I just couldn't let him suffer - especially he had become a friend to me. So, Friday morning was my first visit to a VET (after almost 8 or 9 years). My initial instruction to the VET was, "If the wound is so bad & there is no other way to treat him - just put him to sleep."

That evening when I got back from office, he was in a small cage recovering from the anesthesia. 20 stitches and still strong. The past 2 days I have learnt so much about patience, love and sympathy - just by attending to ALI. 

Forget about the money to get him better - I am sure more will come, GOD's willing.

All cat lover would agree the big influence this small friend can be in terms of building personality. One can learn about being soft and tolerable with others - train the skills while taking care of a cat.

Besides of learning how to tone down or be soft, interaction with different kind of animal could shape one's confident and leadership skills. Horse riding for example, requires one's skills to control and lead the horse - otherwise you'll be bullied, big time.

It takes time to learn the required skills. If anybody wants to learn the skills quickly, someone with experience would be helpful. In the next entry, I will share the details of building a strong character/ personality by interacting with this sexy animal (",)

PS: For animal lovers in town, all are welcomed to join PAWTY @ SID's organized by SPCA Selangor (please contact for further info)

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