Friday, September 3, 2010

Keep in touch - Today's world

Surely most of us nowadays are somehow associated to a social networking web-application - the most famous would be Facebook.

It's great to have a platform to strengthen and rekindle relationship or/and friendship. I remember the challenges to remain in touch with friends especially whenever there was a need to be physically separated. Farewell bids like, "Keep in touch.", "Don't forget to call/ mail!" were familiar when we say goodbyes to our friends or families. Soon after that, we write letters, wait for Mr. postman or find any phone to call-up friends; all for the sake of keeping in touch. Eventually the regime started to become less frequent, and at the end - we hardly communicate with those who we used to be connected with.

Thanks to the powerful virtual world now, any relationship can now be re-connected at the end of your fingertips. 


PS. I still prefer to write on a piece of paper (aka snail mail) because it gives personal touch when it comes to communication.

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