Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decision made - it is my choice

Life is all about choices. 

If you say that in given situation, there is no option to choose - that is almost impossible. Often in life, the choices we make may not necessarily be the best ones. However, since we have made that decisions, whatever the consequences are - we just have to live with it.

It is never easy to free yourself from the perception of the majority. Believe it or not, because of the 'vicious cycle' one are somehow obligated to choose the pathways which are not THE right ways.

The most famous statement that I have heard so far, every time a decision is to be made, is, "I hope you will not regret..."

Well ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, there is no such word as "regret" in my life. Since life is all about choice, to me - it is either good or not-so-good decision, that I make; in which will determine the next course of life I am taking. Both choices will definitely teach me something. I learn about learning life and its mysterious courses. Albeit my vast exposure, experience, knowledge and skills, most of the time the choices I made can be pretty hard to be comprehended by others.

After almost 3 decades living, I learn to observe and understand my surrounding the best. Technically, I can choose not to live up to people's expectation - if it doesn't suit mine. Odd, but most of the time true, the pressure of living up people's expectation are the biggest culprit for me making the not-so-good choice in life.

This could be an emotional writing. Nevertheless, I hope to share the same sentiment with my fellow readers. To be honest, my blog does not gain so much interest to others. Yet, I am still writing - because I choose to continue writing.

I recently made a decision which had stunned many. I have no clue if this choice is right or wrong. As a matter of fact, deep down inside me - I don't really care much whether the choice made is going to make me happy or not.

I see more truths in this famous quote, "Life is too short," now than ever before.   

What Say You?


for me, it is better for you to decide rather than do nothing be it good or wrong ones. the path you take maybe wrong from others' perspective but it could be a flourish one for you. you wouldn't know unless we experience it.

All the best my friend!

Danke schun!

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