Sunday, February 20, 2011

An ended journey - thank you all

When I was driving off from the office building, I bid silent goodbye to all the great people, great environment and great career. It must have meant that much to me - I shed tears all way until I reached home.

It was a promising career. I had almost everything. However, it was a great journey; all-in-all. This should be a quick pit stop. Next ahead would be another journey, which is supposed to be full of hopes and wishes.

Someone told me that I have made great friends at the office. The idea where office colleagues cannot be true friends should be reconsidered - big time. If there is one thing that I cannot undo is the friendship extended by them to me.

Life is all about choices - as I have already mentioned numerous times in my previous writing. I made my choice recently. When I walked into the office, one last time yesterday - a few commented the immediate difference from my look. I supposed this is the first time I let go work - big time. It was perhaps the most interesting and challenging times for me.

I walked away from the job that I fell in love with. It was an affair that became rough on me. I tried my best to make things work, but at the end, I realized that I was not missing things from my career. It was something else.

Call it desperate attempt, but my next mission would be finding the one thing which I have wanting to have so much and so long - LOVE. Many people say that it will come in due time. I believe the same. However, I also believe that by just sitting still - not doing anything, no love will come to me. I need to search for the man who can make my dreams come true.

It has been too long for me observing and hoping for that magical moment. Now, I am going to find that moment and create the magic that I have always wanted to.

Indeed, many said that I was extremely crazy. Someone even commented that I am an 'enigma'. I find it funny, while many try their best to keep on believing that I am a subject of predictability and at the same time, again and again, I strike back with the option that many could have not thought of. Perhaps, this is me - like it or not.

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'arigatou gozaimasu' (thank you) for all the best and worst memories shared. Most of the times it was great, minus the minimal bad times no one could ever run away with.

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