Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Birthday Wishes

This entry is dedicated especially for two important people in my life. Since I have no mean to access FACEBOOK in this city, hopefully this entry will cheer them up.

Although I am not at home to physically celebrate with them, I wish both of them all the best in life and hope for more success as well as happiness to be bestowed by them.

Firstly, a happy belated birthday to my youngest sister, Lyna (we are 10 years different in age); and

Secondly, a happy birthday to my dearest Papa (no need to mention the age different, eh?)

Additional note: Two of my good friends are to be married as well this month and since I am not in town, I would like to congratulate to Eppy and wife, and Ms Echah and future hubby for the wedding. May both of you finds happiness and be blessed of a long lasting marriage.

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