Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 9 - Going to Cambodia city centre, Phnom Penh

My bus ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was scheduled in the noon. Many reviews found in the internet indicated good comments about Mekong Limousine Express bus services. Since they also operate Siem Reap – Phnom Penh route, I had opted to try out the service. The 6 hours ticket price was US$11/ one way and after safely arrived in Phnom Penh I can say this – unexpected good service =.="

Siem Reap was raining, again, that morning. So, I decided to just stay at the guesthouse for the rest of the morning. Good thing when you are travelling in South East Asia is you can get complimentary pick up and drop off services whenever you purchase accommodation, travel or tour arrangement. Instead of spending extra cash for tuk tuk or taxi, my pick up to the bus station arrived about noon. Siem Reap main bus station is located in the market area, about 20 minutes from the guesthouse.

The bus system was extremely good – with luggage tagging system for bags that are stored at the luggage compartment, refreshment serves during the journey and an English speaking guide on the bus for the entire journey. Along the way, the guide also shared some interesting information about several towns which we had passed through.

The entire trip was relatively smooth, although the road was not as good as in Malaysia. However, there was a 30 minutes rough ride when the bus had to go through an unfinished road route. I was amazed how flat Cambodia land is, along the way ever since I entered the country from Thailand, however, it was a shocking truth to see how dusty Cambodia can be during the dry season. An hour away from Phnom Penh was a route where drivers must be highly skilled. Dust was everywhere on the road, just like the morning mist or terrible smog.

Anyway, I reached Phnom Penh at around 7pm. The bus stop somewhere near the riverside area, and upon coming down the bus we can immediately see a flock of tuk tuk drivers waiting for business. I was lucky to get a tuk tuk driver who was very kind (he was also my guide for the next two days). Apparently my hotel was located nearby the Central Market area. I checked in at Circuit Hotel and my first impression when I saw my room was total amazement. The room was obviously a good bargain for that kind of quality and service – US$15/night. See pictures of the room I stayed in Day 9 album.

Take note that it is not easy to find Halal food restaurant in Phnom Penh. My first meal was vegetable fried rice with egg at a restaurant across the street of my hotel. Somehow it felt weird because of the restaurant name – Arabica Restaurant.

The day ended with me going to be late, as I was trying to upload pictures to facebook and tried to write the previous entries for my journey in Siem Reap. Mr Vurf, the tuk tuk driver will only come at 9.30am for my next day plan, leaving me enough sleeping hours.

Next entry will be about the bustling city of Phnom Penh. 
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Day 9 - Going to Cambodia city centre, Phnom Penh

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