Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 3: Ayutthaya on Foot

The day just ended, crazily. I believed due to my hectic initial travelling journey had made me not waking up when alarm rang this morning. Nevertheless, I managed to get a late breakfast at the guesthouse.

When I was checking in yesterday, in front of the registration counter is this hall of guest pictures. Later the day I found out that the owner of Moradok Thai Guesthouse had quit her banking job, married a Swiss man and came to her home town, here in Ayutthaya to run this guesthouse. So far I have had nothing but great hospitality. I am staying single but to my surprise I was given a big room (with 3 beds) to myself. It is full house here, so I guess whatever available is being handed away.

Anyway, I met so many people here – they are also backpackers. Most of them are in pairs or groups and not surprising to me they are all Westerners. Initially it was an awkward moment for me to sit in together with them – I am too Asian looking. After a while conversation started and stories shared. I am on the same boat as them. All of them are on the road no less than 1 month.

OK. After breakfast I thought of renting a bicycle from this place to do some self tour around the city. A British couple (Sam & Miranda) had nicely invited me to join them to do some sightseeing. They were also thinking of getting bicycle. After quick review we realized that all of us had not been riding for quite some time. Hence our journey on foot began.

Our guesthouse was not so far from a few of the attractions of the city. Probably due to the lack of map reading skills, we ended up walking a longer route before our eyes caught some excitement. From far we could see the ruin of a large temple. Then we saw elephants with people on the road. We had to follow the elephants – they sure know all the interesting parts of that area.

We walked for more than 4 hours and mesmerized by the sceneries – big time. Started from Rochana Road, where our guesthouse is, it was a straight walk until we saw Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. The pedestrian walkway is awesome. You would not be bothered and will feel extremely safe even though the main roads are wide. There are trees giving shades and it was a lucky day for me since the sky was nicely covered with clouds and it was slightly breezy.

On the same road of the National Museum there are several other in-house type attractions. I wanted to see the famous WATs (aka temples) so we keep on walking. Major eye opener for me was Wat Phra Ram and Wat Maha That. We did also stroll around Phra Ram Park. The whole area of the park alone are many smaller sized wat, scattered around, complimenting the green and beautiful lake of the area.

While we were walking back to our guesthouse, there are many stalls which have just started in operations. You can see food and drinks sold along the main road, but my attention was the stretch where you can see all sorts of plants, flowers, fish, and other stuffs mainly for landscaping.

It was the owner’s birthday. We had a party from 5pm until super duper late, here at the guesthouse. It is so interesting to see different people from different places who have come here to just travel.

Check out pictures for the day here on facebook (Click on the picture, below)

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Wah..jalan kaki ja hibat ooo...sia dulu pakai basikal pun penat juga ooo...

Hehe..thank you for sharing experience. Note: tak pandai kayuh basikal, sebab tu jalan kaki ;)

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