Saturday, May 21, 2011


Dari-K - If you are a steady reader at this blog, you would know about the origin of my pen name - Makiko S. When I first knew this guy, he was just a simple yet a very smart guy who was completing his Master's degree in Singapore. He was there for a while before heading to Oxford university to further his study.

I have to admit that he was one guy who I used to admire (from far) - obviously I like smart people (who doesn't, right?). This guy is one of many reasons for me to start travelling as well. In the recent years, we keep on maintaining communications between two countries.

This entry is dedicated specially for his newly opened chocolate shop in Kyoto. At this moment, the shop serves customers in Japan, but I was informed that plans for expanding delivery is coming soon.

So readers, if you happened to be in Kyoto, drop by at this wonderful chocolate shop. Rest assured that since his cocoa beans are from one of the best cocoa producers in the world, you'll be surprised with the products.
It is a Japanese chocolate house, but the name of the shop is unique - it's not even a Japanese name. Please add Dari-K on your travel diary if you stop in Kyoto.

Note: For Mr 'Owner', this would be definitely a reason for me to add Kyoto in my travel list. Wish you all the best with the chocolate shop.

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Dari Kのことを書いてくれてありがとう!
マキコの日本語はとてもじょうずですよ!今でも勉強しているの?すごいね!かんどうしました!!keep studying Japanese and please do visit Dari K someday in the near future! Delicious chocolates are waiting for your coming!!

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