Saturday, January 14, 2012

OMG!!! It's almost four years.

This can be considered as an interval entry. 

Of late, I have been dealing with trouble finding words to pen down on this blog. Despite of the abundance of ideas overflowing in my mind, it is just to hard for me to articulate them for your pleasure readings.

In view to find my writing cap that went missing, I have gone through all my entries in this blog. To my surprise, this year would be the fourth year of this blog's existence. My god! How fast time flies. I did not realized that I have been writing online this long. A couple of the recurring themes in here revolves around my travel experience and my thoughts while on a journey finding mr right

Over these years, this blog only had three facelifts. Though I am thinking of giving this blog another round of layout change, I do not think I am in the right state of mind to do so ^_-

Anyway, I am sure there has been plenty more readers who has came here and enjoy my entries. Despite my struggle (still is) of finding more local readers who are interested at reading thoughts and ideas in English, my writing passion has never dimmed since day 1. 

Genuinely from a writer's perspective, I wish to seek some honest opinion of this blog's from my respectable readers. 

So, ladies & gentlemen...the table is open for your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to drop comment here.

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