Friday, April 13, 2012

[Tokyo Tower] Glimpse of Japan from above

The first time I was introduced to Tokyo Tower was when my dad came back from Japan - I was still in kindergarten. The next time I saw Tokyo Tower, I was immediately fascinated and promised myself that I would one day see with my own eyes this beautiful structure. Of course, the whole idea of falling in love with Tokyo Tower came from a favourite J-dorama, Over Time.

Because of such passion towards the iconic structure, once I landed in Tokyo for the first time in 2002, I said to myself, "You must, definitely, find a way to go to Tokyo Tower - no matter how." During the early days of my stays in Japan, often I could see the tower from far - catching a glimpse while moving in bus or train. Almost at the end of the stay, I traded Disneyland for Tokyo Tower - there is no regrets. My dream came true.

Tokyo Tower - Once the tallest structure in the mega city, the tower stands at 333m tall. It is still the world's tallest self-supporting steel structure. At night, the lights on the structure shines magnificently, making it one of the most eye-catching point in Tokyo. While most things in Japan are expensive, a visit to Tokyo Tower is considered to be one of the most reasonably charged, compared to what you will gain. Check the rates at the website

If you get a chance to view the whole city from the observatory floor, you'll be amazed with what you see. I had the chance to see the city from above twice, once in during a clear blue sky and another in the evening. The first time I went to Tokyo Tower, i can still remember the moon was clearly seen on the sky. The excitement I had in my heart and mind was overwhelming as I scaled up the tower. Although there was many people around, all I could remember was me walking and taking my own sweet time to adore the beauty scenes of Tokyo which I could see clearly from the above. There was so many flashing lights in different colours and different distances. My eyes caught attention to the super big ferris wheel decorated with colourful neon lights, somewhere not so far from the city.

The second time I visited Tokyo Tower was in 2006. The sun was still up when I went up with a dear friend of mine. I liked the gentleman so much. But, even my crush on him could not steal the love I have for Tokyo Tower. This time I caught a glimpse of the city in clear blue sky. The tremendous sight of buildings saw made me realized that I was in the middle of, certainly, a mega city. From the above I could not see the rush or the fast phase that I was struggling to grasp while on the grown. Yes, there were thousands of buildings and structures, but I could also see many greens such as parks, rivers and trees.

I wish I could meet the love of my life here at Tokyo Tower. It would be extremely special as this place is considered one of my favourite places in the world.

I wonder how would Tokyo Tower reacts this time? Definitely I will put this in my list for my upcoming trip to Japan. Anyone care to join me here to celebrate my birthday?

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