Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Coming Soon] Content to be reorganized and updated

When I started this blog in 2008, it was meant for her personal opinions and ideas. My main focus was to have a space to share experience as well as general opinion about various topics; written in English. Although, occasionally there were entries in Malay and Japanese language, I had made more effort at pursuing writing in English.
As my writing development expands, this blog direction had also came to a single focus – travel. About less than a year ago, I have spent about two days changing and tweaking the blog design and content; making it easier for readers to browse through the content and stuff.

Upcoming streamlined content 
As I travel more in future, I wish to be able to continue sharing experience and information related to all those journeys. This includes numerous pending travel entries currently on my plate.
Travel contents shall be divided into several categories. If you are looking into informative article related to a specific place or events or travel-related product and services, you can look them up easily at the category section.
Of course since my entries are mainly inspired by my personal travel and journeys, there will be sections where I will be writing personalized travel stories.

Consistent content publication
It’s been several months since 2013 arrived, but the blog had only five entries. Starting from June 2013, I will be posting regularly with at least 4 articles per week. I would try to post entries consistently according to category every week.

My old and Non-travel related entries
So, what will happen to my old entries? They will still be available for browsing and reading in this blog. Of course, the old entries (except for travel related stories) would be stashed into a specific category (non-travel posts). Since I also have another blog now, selected few of the old entries would probably be reposted in that blog.

Check out my second blog - 

My Diamond Tears (

Searching for Makiko S online
I am also a guest writer at The Daily Roar, an international travel blog focusing on South East Asia (SEA) region.
Check out the blog at:
The Daily Roar (

Surely, if you “google-d” Makiko S, there will be list of search items available. I am available on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube (links are below). Also, you can always click on the category tab above to head straight out to YT, G+ and FB.

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Interact with Makiko S?

Leave a comment here on the blog or just follow any of the social media links to allow you have direct interaction with me. I am usually available for chat or even video chat on FB and Google+; come and say ‘Hi’ to me ^_^

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