Monday, June 24, 2013

[TIPS] Avoid outdoor activities while traveling in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Every year about this time, the dry season will begin in the South East Asia region. This dry weather and condition usually last until September with August being known to be extremely hot and dry.

Unfortunately this year, the dry spell began a little bit too early affecting Indonesia the hardest - when hot spots are now seen widening in many parts of the Sumatera. Hot spots usually induce fires, especially to the forest or agricultural lands. In addition to this massive burning condition in Indonesia, the changing season brings in strong winds that will definitely affects its neighbouring countries, mainly Singapore and Malaysia.

At this very moment, not only Indonesia is suffering from a crazy HAZE condition, Singapore and Malaysia are also suffering badly. Since summer has already begun, these three countries will definitely see a surge of travelers and tourists.

With limited visibility, travelers are advised to be alert about the Air Quality Index due to this crazy haze condition. The southern part of west Malaysia is already in nature emergency order - that means NO OUTDOOR activities including schools immediately being closed. From the Central to the South part of West Malaysia, it is highly advisable to limit outdoor activities until further notice. 

If you happened to be in Malaysia or Singapore or Indonesia for your summer holiday, these are some of friendly advise:

  • Keep tab on the news about the haze condition (especially PSI or API readings)
  • Drink a lot of water (really, really a lot more than your usual intake)
  • Wear a mask when you are outdoor
  • Avoid outdoor activities and places
  • Try to work with your travel operator to change your travel itinerary so you could go to places with better air quality
  • If you experience any symptoms (i.e. difficulty in breathing, sore throats, watery/ itchy eyes, etc.), immediately seek for medical help.

Stay and travel safe everyone.

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