Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[Japan Travel] Win a Trip to Tokyo

Japan is well known for its culture; that includes the variety of gastronomical experience the country can offer. For travelers (like me), it is common to hear the phrase, "Don't forget to try out <food name>". Of course once we set foot in the new place, it will be another kind of experience finding where the "don't-forget-to-try". 

When I first went to Japan in 2002, the idea of food to try revolved around sushi, sashimi and ramen - because there were not many references or recommendation available online (in English, of course). Of course as the internet now is considered among the powerful source of information, traveler like me can have better luck at finding good food in town.

As I was browsing around, I found an interesting new place (online) where I can not only learn about the cuisines of Japan, but also have the option to learn recommendation and ranking of what and where exactly to find good Japanese food in Japan.

Japan Trend Ranking website is offering opening promotion where everyone who sign up will get the chance to win a trip to Tokyo. It is really simple - just SIGN UP, no other action is needed, and you will be in the running to win this trip for two. 

Check out the website for further information. Japan Trend Ranking also has a facebook page, click here to go straight to their page.

I love Japan so much and will probably fly there again in future - so I have signed up. Are you going to miss out this opportunity?

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