Wednesday, April 16, 2008

True Happiness

Beautiful Tibetan proverbs worth sharing about True Happiness

True happiness; 
Isn’t the outer healthy body
But the inner serene mind.

It is happier to be blessed
With purity of body, speech and mind
Than to be owner of all material property. 

Without climbing the cliff of adversity
One cannot arrive at the meadow of happiness
To travel afar one has to start from the nearest point. 

What destiny has decreed
One can’t turn away
The lines upon the forehead 
Through wiped will stay 

Without a tent pole there is no tent
Without society there is no achievement 
A single thread doesn’t make a cloth 
A single tree does not make a forest 

Alas! I am unable to walk like the noble lady
And at the same time 
I have lost my own style of walking 

There are no failure.
There are only results. 
It is our judgement that makes them appear as failures or successes. 

One sleepless night makes 10 tiring days.

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