Thursday, December 17, 2009

Highlight of the year no. 2 : Windy & Cold Golden Gate Bridge

Highlight of the year no. 2 : 
Windy & Cold Golden Gate Bridge

I grew up watching American made soap dramas and movies. Hence, my personality built as well as my language skills are pretty much influenced from the country.

Since I was small it has been a dream of mine to visit and see places that I used to live and become accustomed with (technically). So, after 27 years finally flew a 4+11 hours journey and set foot on one of the most influential country in the world, the USA.

Although it was a short 5 days business trip, the experience I had there (excluding the cold temperature) was indeed a dream come true. When I found out that venue for my work was scheduled to be in Santa Clara, CA; I prayed so hard that I could have the chance to see the famous San Francisco city and most importantly visit the Bay area where the Golden Gate Bridge is.

That Sunday when I had my tour to see the San Francisco city, the sky was clear. I cannot write in exact words to describe my feelings when I first walked on the bridge. I remember having the same feeling when I finally reach Tokyo Tower about 7 years ago.

The whole duration there, it was that Sunday that really makes me fall in love with the place and people. I surely hope (and planning) to be there in future and further explore all the things which I missed this time. If I were to be at the bay area again, it is a sure thing to pay for a full tour to see the infamous Alcatraz. I was so excited to see if I could have the time to go for the full tour as described by the kind Clarence (thank you Mr Policeman) the night before.

It gives me more reasons to start planning a holiday, starting with a list of things to do and visit for the next San Francisco's trip.

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